2017 Program at a Glance

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Commodity Transfer 2017
Early Riser Session with Bryan Doherty – Stewart-Peterson Brokerage Solutions

 This Is Your Brain on $3.00 Corn: Odd things happen to our brains when there isn't "enough".
General Session with John Phipps

Cooking with Pork
Chef Michael Althen, Owner of Elite Catering, Baraboo and 2016 Taste of Elegance winner, will prepare stuffed pork loin samples

Corn and Soybean Disease Management
with Damon Smith, UW-Extension Plant Pathology Specialist

Establishing Pollinator Habitat; a step-by-step how-to guide
with Keri Carstens,  DuPont Pioneer

Soil Health Partnership Updates
with Nick Goeser, Soil Health Partnership Director

Farm Succession Planning Workshop
with Stephen Barnes, Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors

Soybean Yield Gap Reboot
with Shawn Conley, UW-Extension Soybean Specialist

UAV Update for Ag
with Brian Luck, UW-Extension Specialist Ag Engineer

Protecting Water Quality and Managing our Soils
with Amber Radatz, UW Discovery Farms, Dennis Frame, Yahara Pride Farms and Mark Riedel, Wisconsin DNR.

Changing Pork Quality to Improve Consumer Experiences
Dr. Jim Magolski, Coleman Natural Foods and Dr. Steve Larsen, National Pork Board will discuss pork quality issues that confuse consumers at the meat case

Policy Potpourri: President Trump, Program Payments and Pesticide Policy
Early Riser Session with Dr. Paul Mitchell of UW-Extension

Panel with Wisconsin Bankers on latest trends
General Session with Orion Samuelson

Bonus Agronomic Session: More on the Quest for High Yield Corn & Soybeans
University of Illinois Professor Fred Below & Researcher Tryston Beyrer

Breaking Down the Benefits of Big Ag 
with Brian Luck,  UW-Extension Specialist Ag Engineer

Key Agronomic Decisions for Profitable Corn 
with Joe Lauer,  UW-Extension Corn Specialist